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Guide to Massage in Moscow.
Review:  The truth about massage and massage salons in Moscow.
In Russia and many other countries, the law forbids any sex services. In Europe such services are legal or aren't
punished. However, in Russia this is a serious violation of the law which can bring severe consequences for you. 
Official salons possess a license to practice or a certificate, which means you can visit these salons safe in the
knowledge that they are an official place and trouble free.
Therefore sex services are often masqueraded under an “escort” or “massage” service. Should you decide to take
advantage of these services, you run the risk of being prosecuted and then having a criminal record.  Please be
careful, as your reputation, visa and even your stay in Moscow can come under threat if caught, and this is
especially true if you are practicing business here as your reputation will quickly be destroyed and your business
subsequently closed down.
About illegal salons of massage:
All Spa Salons or massage salons which have no license are engaged in intimate services, so are therefore
illegal which means you are committing a crime if caught on these premises.
What you can expect in such salons:
1. As it is an illegal business, such salons are often visited by police and journalists. Russian TV channels show
daily reports on such illegal erotic salons. You can unwittingly become the” hero” of these reports.
2. If your partners, competitors or criminals learn about a visit to such salons, then there is a potential blackmail
3. All these salons are more than likely equipped with video cameras, so have no doubt that your video can be
viewed by various interested parties for financial gain or equivalent.
4. The moment you enter these premises, you run the risk of your credit cards and documents being copied,
quite apart from the obvious risk of having money stolen when you go to the shower.
5. If you have already visited such salons, then you probably noticed the lack of any normal “devushka” working
there. Many girls live and sleep in the same rooms. Another problem is that drugs are often available in these
places and the owners of such massage parlours encourage the sale of these narcotics.
6. Erotic salons have no license and of course nobody checks the sanitary situation of any room, not to mention
the health of these girls who are promoting sexual activity. Therefore diseases are rife in such places, where
herpes, hepatitis and Aids as well as numerous other sexually transmitted diseases are not uncommon- you can
seriously infect yourself and any other people you are close to. 
7. Your phone number also gets listed by such salons so you can expect calls or sms's at any time; particularly
embarrassing if you're in an important business meeting, or worse still, with your family!
Remember- don't cross the line of the law and expose yourself to the risk of prosecution. Stay within the law
and live freely!
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